Our Mission

To represent and market cutting edge manufacturing technology. Our focus is to present  innovative metal working technologies to assist our customers with implementation methods that boost their competitiveness by making their manufacturing process more productive, efficient, and cost effective.


We Are Your Source

In today’s market, all businesses are continually confronted with new challenges and demands in order to gain or maintain market position, profitability, and competitiveness. This may mean increasing capacity or implementing new processes to increase your bottom line.

Our goal is simple: To be your source for fabrication machine tools. We aim to reach this goal by offering the technical know how, representing innovative and advanced machine tool technologies from global leading suppliers, and continually studying the changing needs and demands of the industry.

We strive to continually build our relationship with the customer by providing immediate response from the machine implementation concept throughout the life of the machine. This responsiveness is the cornerstone to building the relationship and providing continual process refinement that helps our customers maintain their competitive edge.

Please see our products and services pages for detailed information on our offering.


Focusing On The Facts

We focus on an engineering sales approach by providing you with technical information and undisputed facts; so you are completely knowledgeable of the technology being evaluated. Equipped with this technical knowledge and understanding, our customers can accurately evaluate solutions based on facts.

With this engineering approach, we study your application to provide the correct, most economic and productive solution. By continually investing in R&D of our products’ applications, we aim to provide our customers with the highest level of technical knowledge and training; so that the implementation of our tools provides unparalleled manufacturing productivity and efficiency.