Posted on 06.23.2015 in Haeusler (featured in Fabricating & Metalworking – 06/15) ROLL THICK SHELL OR PIPE DIAMETERS With advanced control and CNC features, the Haeusler ROLLmeister Plate Roll TETRA series from ... READ MORE


Posted on 12.01.2014 in Trumpf, Haeusler, Voortman Sterling Fabrication Technology attended FABTECH 2014 in Atlanta, GA. With close to 1,500 exhibitors, over 30,000 attendees, and 70 countries represented, it was not to be missed! We represented ... READ MORE

EEW Installs Massive New Haeusler 4 Roll Plate Bending Machine

Posted on 10.21.2013 in Haeusler Watch video of EEW’s new 4-Roll Haeusler plate roll with full automation bend a 4″ thick, 75 ton plate into a 10 ft. by 35 ft. diameter cylinder. http://youtu.be/WcrkLQoBLBs READ MORE

Haeusler News & Facts

Posted on 06.04.2013 in Haeusler Delivery of the largest 4-roll plate bending machine with hydraulic top support.   VRM-hy 3050-997 spez. S-TR Supported-Top Roll “S-TR” stands for “Supported-Top Roll” and ... READ MORE

North Shore Supply Chooses Haeusler for Tough Plate Rolling

Posted on 02.18.2013 in Haeusler North Shore Supply needed to roll extremely tight diameters/material thickness in a high production environment. “North Shore Steel has many years experience with plate rolling machines, ... READ MORE

Large 4 Roll Haeusler Accepted and Exceeds Capacity

Posted on 02.18.2013 in Haeusler Alabama Roll Products, accepts delivery of large Haeusler VRM Four Roll plate roll. This machine is capable of rolling 10′ x 6″ material and extremely tight diameters. The machine was ... READ MORE