Tech Report: Laser Welding Helps Job Shops

Posted on 07.28.2016 in Uncategorized (featured in Industrial Laser Solutions – 7-8/16; written by Dr. Philip Rettenmeier and Brett Thompson) Sheet metal laser welding helps job shops compete globally. Job shops benefit from ... READ MORE

Machine & Technology Evaluation

Posted on 03.13.2015 in Uncategorized I am new to the manufacturing industry, but not new to business. With over 15 years of business experience in everything from military operations to R&D to weapon systems to ice production. ... READ MORE


Posted on 02.03.2015 in Uncategorized Dallas Technology Center is expanding to house new capabilities Sterling Fabrication Technology is pleased to announce the expansion of our Dallas Technology Center. The DTC will be expanded to ... READ MORE


Posted on 12.03.2014 in Uncategorized (originally featured in FFJournal – 10/14) Eliminating secondary processing helps skilled workers focus on more vital tasks October 2014 – Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. ... READ MORE

Sterling Fabrication Technology Opens Dallas Showroom

Posted on 07.08.2013 in Uncategorized Dallas, TX – Sterling Fabrication Technology opened its 5,000+ sq. ft. showroom in Dallas, TX. The state-of-the-art showroom features Laser, Plasma, and Waterjet cutting, as well as press ... READ MORE