Four Roll Machines

Four Roll Machines
Four Roll Machines
Four Roll Machines
Four Roll Machines

Haeusler’s 4-roll plate bending machine developments have become a common standard globally requested over the years. In 1965 Haeusler was the first to launch the hydraulic 4-roll plate bending machine on the market. A few years later Haeusler initiated the first hydraulic rotation drive of the top and bottom rolls. Since the beginning these HAEUSLER developments along with our comprehensive after-sales-service, our prime quality, customized projects and close customer relationship helped us to achieve the global top market leader position in 4-roller plate bending machine technology.


Advantages of the Haeusler VRM Machines:

  • Extremely long guideways at the side rollers
  • Min. foundation dimensions
  • Each roll is positioned 100% in spherical roller bearings
  • Large (oversized) roller diameters with small camber
  • Automatic pressure balance system from top to bottom rolls
  • Direct drive (hydraulic) of the top and bottom rollers with automatic speed compensation (avoids plate slipping on the rolls)
  • Top- and bottom rolls equipped with pneumatic resp. hydraulic instant brakes (highest safety factor)
  • Efficient cone bending by our patented cone bending device
  • The shortest flat end possible according to the requirement
  • Hydraulic unit can be separated from the machine, for easy accessible maintenance
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Roller position devices are on both ends of bottom and side roller
  • Bottom roll can be adjusted in pressure or position
  • Equipped with light conducting cables to secure against electromagnetic interferences