Pipe Mill

Pipe Mill

Pipe mills made by HAEUSLER

HAEUSLER LSAW pipe mills work by Roll-Bending- (Expanding)-Process, the most advanced technology. Since 1990 HAEUSLER has been involved in most of the LSAW pipe mills which were realized worldwide. Each HAEUSLER equipped LSAW pipe mill achieved the requested national and international certificate (e.g. API 5L) within a couple of weeks.


HAEUSLER Supply Range

On customers’ request HAEUSLER provides the complete range of partnership in LSAW pipe mill business. From supplier of single machines for for the modernization of existing mills to general contractor for pipe production on turnkey basis.


Capacity of HAEUSLER LSAW pipe mills:

Pipe diameter: 16 – 80 inch (406 – 1032 mm)

Pipe length: 20 – 60 feet (6 – 18,3 m)

Wall thickness: 5/16 – 13/4 inch (7,9 – 44,5 mm)

Output: up to 20 pipes/hour