Machine & Technology Evaluation

Posted on 03.13.2015 in Uncategorized I am new to the manufacturing industry, but not new to business. With over 15 years of business experience in everything from military operations to R&D to weapon systems to ice production. ... READ MORE

Economical Bending

Posted on 02.10.2015 in Trumpf (originally featured in MetalForming – 2/15) FABTECH 2014 – So Much to See, So Little Time to See It February 2015 — Press brakes of all sizes and with varying levels of ... READ MORE


Posted on 02.03.2015 in Uncategorized Dallas Technology Center is expanding to house new capabilities Sterling Fabrication Technology is pleased to announce the expansion of our Dallas Technology Center. The DTC will be expanded to ... READ MORE

Technology Spotlight: Done-in-one meets structural fabrication

Posted on 01.27.2015 in Voortman (originally featured in The Fabricator – 1/15) System automates programming, plate and beam handling, and welding January 2015 — Structural fabricators live with three big challenges: ... READ MORE


Posted on 01.08.2015 in Trumpf (originally featured in FFJournal – 12/14) After a huge jump in fiber laser jobs, metal parts producer justifies a second Trumpf TruLaser December 2014 – Wisconsin Metal Parts Inc., ... READ MORE


Posted on 12.03.2014 in Uncategorized (originally featured in FFJournal – 10/14) Eliminating secondary processing helps skilled workers focus on more vital tasks October 2014 – Sometimes the best solution is the simplest. ... READ MORE


Posted on 12.01.2014 in Trumpf, Haeusler, Voortman Sterling Fabrication Technology attended FABTECH 2014 in Atlanta, GA. With close to 1,500 exhibitors, over 30,000 attendees, and 70 countries represented, it was not to be missed! We represented ... READ MORE


Posted on 11.07.2014 in Voortman Posted 10.27.2014 in Modern Metals An automated sawing line from Voortman Corp. improves productivity, quality at Infra-Metals October 2014 – Adrian Morrall knows that when metal service ... READ MORE

Lean Fabrication Technology Seminar

Posted on 10.02.2014 in Sterling Events In case you missed it, Sterling hosted a Lean Fabrication Technology Seminar at the Dallas Technology Center on September 18 with emphasis on lean manufacturing featuring punching, laser cutting, ... READ MORE

Leveler Helps Fabricator Meet Tight Flatness Specs

Posted on 08.20.2014 in Arku Published in Metalforming Magazine May 2014 Issue   “We used to cringe when a customer required really flat parts,” says Joe Arceneaux, manufacturing engineering manager at the ... READ MORE