TruTool C 160 – CordlessPower Supply: Cordless

TruTool C 160 – Cordless

The TruTool C 160 (cordless) without chip clipper provides you with an open view of the workpiece enabling precise cutting according to  plan, for both straight and curve cuts. The result is high-quality, distortion-free cuts with no refinishing. A wide variety of blades, developed for a wide range of applications, are available. They can be easily exchanged in seconds in a single motion. With the optional parallel stop, you can precisely cut strips from 1.4 to 11.8 inches long.

Applications:  Ventilation and climate control technology (spiral seam tubes); Facade construction; Plumbing; Coil-application

Accessories:  See TruTool C 160


Price: $1,050.00