TruTool F 125Power Supply: Electric

TruTool F 125
TruTool F 125
TruTool F 125

Prepared angles and standing seams are tightly closed with undiminished quality by a spring-mounted hammer. The height of the seam is always 1.57 inches. The free-standing tool allows you to work even in tight corners and angles. TThe sheet thickness setting is quickly selected without tools.

If the workpiece exhibits inconsistencies in sheet thickness, the TruTool F 125 adjusts automatically. Hammer and anvil can be conveniently exchanged without tools.

Price: $1,900.00



Hammer top - 0102964
Price: $124.00
Hammer lower - 0105448
Price: $133.00
Damping element - 0105449
Price: $15.50