TruTool F 140Power Supply: Electric

TruTool F 140
TruTool F 140
TruTool F 140

The TruTool F 140 works on a continuous roll forming principle ensuring air-tight closure without hammering. This enables processing of straight and curved sheets up to 0.055 in. The surface structure is not damaged. The seam locker functions with an automatic infeed, which means that you can proceed without the use of force. Pre-settings can be established for various sheet thicknesses without the use of tools. The TruTool F 140 can also be used for stainless steel and is very well-suited for processing large radii.

Price: $2,600.00

Accessories & Video


Drive Roller - 0003523
Price: $125.00
Rim Roller - 0023181
Price: $96.80
Roller 0.05 in. - 0110331
Price: $94.80
Roller 0.04 in. - 0110327
Price: $94.80
Extractor - 0247536
Price: $82.40