TruTool F 300Power Supply: Electric

TruTool F 300
TruTool F 300
TruTool F 300
TruTool F 300

The TruTool F 300 closes Pittsburgh seams in straight or bent ducts in an independent roll-glide process. The sheet thickness range extends from 0.03 to 0.05 inch mild steel. The seam locker works conveniently and quietly; the infeed ensures continuous and tight seams. There is no need for conversion for processing of shaped and curved pieces. Adaptation to sheet thickness is automatic. On-site assembly is also possible.

Price: $2,781.00

Accessories & Video


Guide Rail
Price: $276.04
Drive Roller 30°
Price: $118.45
Mating Roller 30°
Price: $84.87
Drive Roller 75°
Price: $90.23
Mating Roller 75°
Price: $90.23
Roller (horizontal)
Price: $61.49
Support Roller
Price: $80.00