TruTool N 1000Power Supply: Electric

TruTool N 1000
TruTool N 1000

The TruTool N 1000 was designed especially for use with thick sheets. It can cut through edges, weld seams and double sheets like no other.

With the two-speed drive, you can work with a maximum sheet thickness of 0.4 inches at low speed. In second gear, the nibbler works through the sheet faster and can handle a material thickness of 0.3 inches.

Although the thick sheet nibbler weighs 32 punds, it is very convenient to work with, thanks to well-engineered grip ergonomics.

The grip can be mounted in two different positions, allowing you to adapt to the task at hand.

Price: $6,386.00


Accessories & Video


Price: $116.39
Punch - 5 Pack
Price: $463.50
CR Punch
Price: $143.17
CR Punch - 5 pack
Price: $592.25
Die P10
Price: $189.52
Die 5
Price: $189.52
Die 7
Price: $189.52
Die 10
Price: $189.52
Punch Guide
Price: $201.88
Wear Plate
Price: $203.94
Wear Plate - 5 pack
Price: $391.40
Chip bag
Price: $121.54