TruTool N 200Power Supply: Electric

TruTool N 200
TruTool N 200
TruTool N 200
TruTool N 200

This nibbler can be turned in place 360° without impediment, which makes it incredibly flexible. You can set the different positions at 5° intervals. This makes the TruTool N 200 ideal for interior cutouts, notches and hard-to-reach places.

An integrated speed regulator facilitates working to plans and templates. This holds true for work with stainless steel as well.

Price: $1,030.00

Accessories & Video


Price: $80.55
Price: $85.18
Die - 2 pack
Price: $144.20
Punch guide
Price: $88.17
Chip bag
Price: $84.87
Tool N 200
Price: $232.78
Tool PN 200
Price: $263.68
Tool PN 201
Price: $365.65