TruTool N 350Power Supply: Electric

TruTool N 350
TruTool N 350
TruTool N 350
TruTool N 350

The TruTool N 350 is an extremely compact and handy nibbler. With the hollow round punch principle you can turn the machine in place 360° without impediment and make interior cuts and notches without difficulty. A speed regulator facilitates working to plans and templates. Optimal grip ergonomics make for comfortable operation.

Price: $2,163.00

Accessories & Video


Price: $78.69
CR Punch
Price: $118.45
Price: $84.67
Die - 5 pack
Price: $319.30
CR die
Price: $101.97
Chip bag
Price: $100.94
Suspension hook
Price: $55.21
Spacer sleeve
Price: $97.23