TruTool PN 201Power Supply: Electric

TruTool PN 201

TruTool PN 201 is a profile nibbler with a long tool, which is well-suited for cuts in trapezoidal sheets up to 162 mm depth. Maneuverability is made easy as the power tool can even be rotated 360°.

Applications:  Roof and facade construction; Ventilation works and climate control technology; Plumbers; Encasings and covers

Accessories:  See TruTool PN 200

Price: $1,236.00



Price: $89.92
Punch - 10 pack
Price: $587.10
Price: $188.49
Die P1
Price: $116.39
Wear Plate
Price: $20.20
Punch Guide
Price: $95.48
Punch x2, Die, Wear plate x2
Price: $257.50
Tool N 200
Price: $232.78
Tool PN 200
Price: $263.68
Tool PN 201
Price: $365.65