TruTool TSC 100Power Supply: Electric

TruTool TSC 100
TruTool TSC 100
TruTool TSC 100
TruTool TSC 100

Thanks to a new process, the TruTool TSC 100 slat cleaner removes accumulated slag very thoroughly. The slats are even cleaned on the sides as well as in the hard-to-reach spaces in between, resulting in outstanding cleanliness.

The slat cleaner automatically adapts to different slag thicknesses. TruTool TSC 100 is operated by just one person and the machine is very easy to handle. On flatbed laser machines with a pallet changer, cleaning takes place while production is running. You don’t even have to remove the slats.

The slat cleaner can be used for the most diverse materials. Even stainless steel slag is reliably removed so that even heavily soiled slats do not represent a problem. Another bonus is that the slat cleaner is able to clean selectively – in other words, it can be used on any specific area and then removed.

Price: $6,300.00

Accessories & Video


1x cleaning tool No.2 - 1644868
Price: $436.70
1x cleaning tool No.3 - 1644867
Price: $436.70
Transport Unit
Price: $578.90
Sliding Disk (4) & Seal (2)
Price: $623.20
Price: $97.30
External Seal
Price: $95.50
Distance Plate
Price: $52.40
Glide Plate
Price: $436.70
Carbon brushes - 1898534
Price: $51.40
1x Seal - 2046587
Price: $95.50
Screw - 1692842
Price: $4.00
Motor AUS 1200W 120V 50/60Hz USA - 1893353
Price: $849.00