ARKU FlatMaster

ARKU FlatMaster

Precision leveler FlatMaster for stamped, laser- and flame-cut parts

For sheet metal parts with a thickness from 0.5 mm to 60 mm

The FlatMaster hydraulic precision leveler is the result of more than 40 years’ experience in constructing parts leveling machines.

Leveling with the FlatMaster is a quick and simple process. Compared to other leveling methods, the machine delivers leveled and almost stress-free punched parts, laser-cut and flame-cut parts in only a matter of minutes. This makes subsequent processes such as welding, bending or creasing faster and more reliable.


  • Leveling gap control Ensures consistently good leveling results even with parts with cut-outs.
  • Leveling roll quick-change system During the course of day-to-day production, dirt and material residue accumulate inside the leveler. The maintenance and thorough cleaning of the leveler can be carried out quickly and easily.
  • Overload protection The leveling process subjects both the parts and the machine to immense forces. Before excessive forces are generated, the machine stops and opens the leveler.
  • Intuitive operation The clear user guidance with saved values and wizards simplifies the operation and allows the FlatMaster to be set up quickly and easily.