Original Laser Consumables by TRUMPF

Original Laser Consumables by TRUMPF

e0142f4294  TRUMPF provides a complete portfolio of laser consumables, including nozzles, ceramics, nozzle accessories, lenses, protective glasses, and RF tubes. All consumables are perfectly aligned with our machines and therefore, ensure the best manufacturing results and the highest possible process security. Don’t risk the performance of your machine by buying third-party consumables. Trust the original.

c87ccffba4CO2 and Solid-State Laser Nozzles

  • Highest quality
  • Perfect alignment
  • TRUMPF nozzles are the right choice for your TRUMPF machine

78fe8d15c6CO2 and Solid-State Laser Ceramics

  • Choosing original TRUMPF ceramics (nozzle holders) achieves superior cutting results through the entire cutting cycle

83609aff7aCO2 Laser Lenses

  • TRUMPF CO2 lenses guarantee exact focal positioning
  • An absolute necessity for a perfect cut with your TRUMPF laser

be7f6439f7Solid-State Laser Protective Glass

  • TRUMPF protective glasses for solid-state lasers guarantee optimum protection of the lens and the entire cutting unit

08645ede77RF Tubes

  • TRUMPF stands behind their RF tubes, which are defined by the highest quality and long service life.


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