TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000

TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000
TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000
TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000
TRUMPF TruBend Series 5000

Machines in the TruBend Series 5000 combine innovative technology with precision. They are flexible when you need to bend a variety of parts. The entire bending process from programming and tool set up to bending itself, is extremely productive. In addition, you can automate these machines using the BendMaster.

Features of the TruBend Series 5000 include:

  • Productive process, from programming and tool set up to bending
  • A variety of tonnages and options are available
  • The first part is a perfect part
  • Can be automated with the BendMaster


Overall productive processes

  • With the TASC 6000, the TruBend Series 5000 offers you a modern, user-friendly touch screen control system.
  • Graphic tooling assistance makes the tooling process quick.
  • The BendGuard safety system is also designed for tooling friendliness.
  • With the ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) angle sensor, the first part is a perfect part.
  • Since the beam and backgauge fingers move quickly, the machines are ideal for series production.
  • The lower tool adjustment ensures even special applications, like folding, can be performed quickly.


Variety of machine options

The TruBend Series 5000 is a versatile bending machine.

You can select from a wide variety of machine options to tailor it to your needs.

With up to 6 CNC-controlled backstop axes, you are equipped for almost anything.


High quality fabrication

  • The 4-cylinder drive technology reduces sagging in the beam and increases edge clearance.
  • Together with the CNC-controlled crowning system, it is the basis for precise bending results.
  • With the ACB measurement system, angles are correct even for the first part in a new series. And with the new ACB Easy feature, it’s even easier and faster