Pressure Vessel & pipe Processing

Pressure Vessel Fabricators are challenged with nozzle and manhole fabrication with different projections, elevations, and unique orientation on vessels. Implementing an automated pipe and vessel cutting solution can drastically reduce man hours while improving part quality.

HGG specializes in pipe, vessel, and head cutting machines ranging from 2” – 144” in diameter with various chuck, feeding, and cutting systems.

E.M.I. manufacturers affordable plasma profile cutters aiming toward the 6” and under structural market to cut weld ready copes, miters, and notches.


  • Plasma and Oxy fuel cutting and beveling solutions
  • Vessel diameters up to 14’
  • Automated vessel and pipe handling

Reasons to Invest

  • Eliminate man hours required for manual hand cutting
  • Improve part quality with consistent machine-controlled quality
  • Layout marking and cutting in one machine


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